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Name: Lucio Carreras
Contact me on sayonara-player [@t] posteo [point] org


Under § 5 German TMG I am not liable to conduct an impressum since this site does not follow any commercial intentions. It's a private site for private persons.
Laut § 5 deutsches TMG bin ich nicht verpflichtet, ein Impressum zu führen, da diese Seite keine kommerziellen Absichten verfolgt. Diese Seite ist eine private Seite für private Personen.


From May, 25th 2018 the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation or DSGVO applies.


I have to inform you about which data is stored and what I am doing with it. Furthermore I must inform you that you may request

Which data is stored on and which data is processed?

I inform you that http(s)://(www.) does not set cookies, nor saves or logs your IP address, nor processes or logs any of the data, http or ftp client requests causes. The donation links are static and are not connected in any way to their connected service. By clicking on these links you are directed to those services and you are leaving the safe harbour of and I am no longer responsible for your activity.

Are there any trackers/analytics or other profiling?

There is no advertising, no trackers, no Analytics no Google, no Facebook, no Twitter nor any other data collecting service or profiling services activated on this site.

Forum exceptions

A single exception is the forum under http(s):// which sets cookies and logs IP and Email addresses of posting and registering clients. When using the forum you are explictly asked for confirmation. Confirmation means that you are OK with this.
Cookies are stored in order to stay logged in until the cookie is deleted or the cookie expires (at the end of session, usually when closing the last instance of your browser)
Nothing of your data is given to others automatically or manually.

LG Hamburg (Az. 310 O 402/16)

Thanks to those brain acrobats from the LG Hamburg and the European Court of Justice for destroying the internet.

It's harmless to set hyperlinks to this site. This site does not contain any copyright infringements. I am not responsible for hyperlinks in the forum posted by other users.