Sayonara 0.9.3

Last update on May, 9 2017

Bug reports are always welcome. Please use the forum. Translators are always welcome, too. Contact me, I will help you

Old versions

Old versions can be obtained from


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:lucioc/sayonara
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sayonara

i386 amd64
trusty sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-trusty1_i386.deb sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-trusty1_amd64.deb
xenial sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-xenial1_i386.deb sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-xenial1_amd64.deb
yakkety sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-yakkety1_i386.deb sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-yakkety1_amd64.deb
zesty sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-zesty1_i386.deb sayonara_0.9.3-0ppa4-zesty1_amd64.deb


Since Fedora 21 you can find Sayonara in the repositories. Thank you Martin!

In order to install via terminal use
sudo yum install sayonara
sudo dnf install sayonara
You can also have a look at rpmfind to download the RPM directly

If you want to build a rpm package yourself use the SPEC file here

Mageia Linux

Since Mageia 5 you can find Sayonara in the repositories. Thank you David!

In order to install use rpmdrake or via terminal use
urpmi sayonara

Arch Linux

You can find the stable version of Sayonara Player here:

If you want to build a package for Arch Linux, use the PKGBUILD file here


You can find a semi-official packing environment here:

Source code / Git

You can find a current snapshot here: sayonara-player-0.9.3-git2-20170509.tar.gz
md5: 9581bb4157a687b561558baf60aa83b6
sha256: 0412c6cf7e3d9283aa37caba08b009a9df6aeddb036cfca35af7dab40f5c14f5
git clone sayonara-player-read-only
Visit the Forum to find out how to build

Ubuntu Phone (remote control)

Download the Sayonara player remote control for your Ubuntu phone in the app store.
For more information visit the uApp Explorer

Contact me, if you are willing to provide an app for Android devices or iPhones.