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Full Version: Webstream is not working with debian 8/9
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Lucio Carreras Wrote:
tofnat Wrote:
Lucio Carreras Wrote:
tofnat Wrote:Good morning to you,
I really appreciate Sayonara! Cool 
I use it every day with a very simple pc and 
Linux Mint 18.2 and it's perfect!
Now, I would like to use Sayonara with a Debian distribution 8 and 9.
I manage to install it, to read MP3 files, but not webradios feeds.
Could you help me? Idea 
Thank you in advance.
Hi! Can you send me the Log File after trying to open the webstreams? If you don't mind, can you also send me the stream urls? You can find the log file under view->logger. 
And can you copy your question and paste it into a new thread in the issues forum? Otherwise I'll lose the overview.
Greetings, Lucio

hello Lucio,
so here are a few things,the link to a webradio:
here is the distribution I use in Debian 8:
and i've don't find the"the log file under view->logger."
Very think you for your help!

You can find the Log file viewer in the menubar->view->Logger (last entry). If you are using german language it's the Ansicht Menu. Second menu from the left. It's the same menu that you use when selecting "webstreams" in order to open streams.