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Turning Sayonara into a KDE app? - johnny_boy - 10-07-2016

I was wondering if you\'ve considered developing Sayonara as a KDE app? It\'s already built on qt5 so I guess there wouldn\'t be much to change. Also, KDE official music player, Amarok, hasn\'t been ported for ages and likely won\'t see qt5 port for a long time. I know this would reel in KDE dependencies but most users won\'t care and since it\'s a linux-only application it shouldn\'t be a big deal. I wonder which DE your primary user base uses? Thoughts?

Turning Sayonara into a KDE app? - Lucio Carreras - 10-09-2016

Hi! First I have to find out, what a KDE app is Smile Most people who write are using Mint with Cinnamon/Mate or Ubuntu with Unity. The Fedora People usually use Gnome 3. The Windows Version is in progress.

What exactly is the difference between a KDE app and a standard application?

Turning Sayonara into a KDE app? - johnny_boy - 10-09-2016

I would have a look here for starters:

There\'s a KDE IRC channel with people who can help.

I\'m not a developer so I don\'t know how much would be involved and whether it would be worth it; I was just curious since I myself use KDE and it would be nice if Sayonara was a little more integrated with my DE like other KDE apps are (which includes ability to hide menu bar, customize toolbars, configure global hotkeys, use system icons, etc).