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[SOLVED] Update nusic collection - sharbich - 01-08-2016

Hi all,
how can I update the music collection in sayonara?
Thanks for answer

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[Edited on 22-4-2016 by Lucio Carreras]

[SOLVED] Update nusic collection - Lucio Carreras - 01-08-2016

Hi, there\'s a option button in the local library. There you can import files and directories and also reload the library. You also can import directories and files by dragging them from your file manager directly into the library. This is a lot of faster than reloading.

See the screenshot

[SOLVED] Update nusic collection - beltsonata - 07-06-2016

Hi Lucio,

That image doesn\'t exist any more and I can\'t see a button to update the library in version 0.9.0.

This is what I see

What am I missing?

Many thanks Smile

[SOLVED] Update nusic collection - Lucio Carreras - 07-07-2016

Hmm, you are missing the menubar. There you would find the \"Local Library\" entry. What Linux distribution and window manager do you use? Is that xfce?

In former days there has been a workaround for this.

sudo apt-get remove appmenu-qt5

Maybe it\'s still working

[SOLVED] Update nusic collection - beltsonata - 07-07-2016

It worked! Thank you for the swift reply Smile