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Stream Recorder - File name template
I want to customize recording paths and file names. Please, make 'file name template' option (like in AIMP: link).
Can you do it?
Yes, of course that's possible. Currently I am preparing the next big version and I can manage to integrate this. With testing it's about 3h of additional work.

And because this is a feature request, donations are welcome. And they increase coding speed Smile

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I want to become a rich man, but I want the work to be appreciated. Behind open source software there are still people who sacrifice their time for others.

But please tell me a little bit closer how do you expect the final feature?
Of course, nobody likes to work for free. I gave some donations. Well, not too much. Bat I hope, it can speed up your coding speed a bit. Wink 

Folder structure for Stream Recorder in Sayonara:
day_date_time/tracknumber - artist - title

for example:
     001 - Metallica - Nothing Else Matters.mp3
     002 - U2 - Ordinary Love.mp3
     003 - Santana - Into The Night.mp3

and as I would like folder structure:
stationname/date/time artist - title

for example:
           10.05 Metallica - Nothing Else Matters.mp3
           10.11 U2 - Ordinary Love.mp3
           10.14 Santana - Into The Night.mp3
Thank you a lot. I've already started working on this feature. I don't expect big problems and I hope that I can release the new version next week Smile
Ok, the feature is implemented. Believe it or not, I haven't been using Sayonara for about 3 weeks now because I am always programming and not listening to music Big Grin (working on the player and with the player at the same time is more difficult than it sounds)

The following weekend and some free days here are used to test everything in productive use. A major big new feature is that you can have multiple libraries. These changes lead to a major database change. I don't want to release a new version where I am not 100% sure that the old behavior is not affected. I hope you understand Wink

Which distribution are you using? If you use Ubuntu I may upload a preview build into the ppa
All right. I am waiting patiently. Sleepy
I'm using Linux Mint 18 (based on Ubuntu 16.04).
Will there be a new version this year?
...or a beta version?
After Christmas. I promise. It's a stressful time atm.
Thumbs Up 
All right. I hope it's done soon. I would like to try it.
Merry Christmas! Wink
Thanks for the new version!
And thank you very much for the new feature! Smile
I will test in the days.

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