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[DONE] Development questions
Hi. I recently discovered your program and found it great for my purposes.
It have all functions i need. I\'ve also added \"Stop after current track\" feature and support for music (popular social network at Post-Soviet countries Smile ).
But i\'m not good in Qt development and it is hard for me to understand your project architecture. Currently my code is placed in wrong places. Can you provide me with some info about the architecture? I\'d see some diagrams how it works.

BTW Are you going to upload the project to Github? It\'s a handy platform for most people.

Thanks Smile

[Edited on 24-4-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Sorry, i\'ve already found Git for this project.
Had to migrate to Windows today. Can it be compiled under Windows? I was unable to find a manual.
Hello. First of all thank you for using Sayonara. Great, that you like it,

I am positively surprised that there\'s somebody who adds additional features for him or herself Smile I am curious how your vkontakte plugin looks like. Maybe you can send me a screenshot? If your plugin is on the right side, where the playlist is also located it\'s not a big deal to tell you where you have to place your code and which classes you have to extend. Also try to install doxygen and look at the interface modules.

If you have jabber you can add me, so it will be easier to communicate. I send you my address via u2u.

I am very pity, but there is no Windows support at the moment.

Greetings, Lucio
I\'m very glad that you going to help me with my questions Smile
Thank you that you wrote it. It seems to be the best player for my needs:
- It\'s written on Qt Big Grin
- It has plugins support
- It`s not similar to Amarok or other Wikipedia clients Big Grin

Currently i cloned Soundcloud plugin and inserted my code into VKData::db_fetch_tracks (former SoundcloudData). My code can only authorize and my get tracks list from VK API.
I didn\'t make any changes in UI, so it looks like original plugin. But VK doesn\'t support grouping by artists and albums, so probably i\'ll remove related lists.

Unfortunately I do not have Jabber.

Can Doxygen be installed in Ubuntu? Official documentation says that i should compile it by myself.

Have you used any Linux-specific APIs on the player? If no, i think i\'ll manage to build it. The problem i already faced is about dependencies: cmake and pkg-config can\'t find libtag. And i have no idea how should i pass libtag path to pkg-config.


You can install doxygen very easily in Ubuntu. You don\'t have to compile it yourself

sudo apt-get install doxygen

go to the root folder of Sayonara and just type
doxygen ./doxygen/doxygen_config.cfg

Nevertheless I just published the documentation here:

If you use gmail, you already have an Jabber account. Just install pidgin and create a new xmpp account with your google credentials. The Resource field stays empty.
Actually i meant Qt Creator Doxygen plugin.
But not i understand that i can use it separately.
Thanks for the link to documentation, will check it soon.

I already added you in XMPP.

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