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How to auto-start webstream (radio) playback at startup?
Hi all,

first of all a huge THANK YOU to Lucio for this lightweight and responsive audio player (which is one of the few to not cause you immediate eye-cancer... Smile ).

Now for the question:
Maybe I am too dumb and simply didn\'t get it, but... is there a way to tell Sayonara to automatically load and play a webstream? I\'d happily accept any possible workaround like by using commandline args. Basically I am asking because of my preference to listen to one specific web radio station.

I hoped to achieve this by using options around playlists... but it doesn\'t work. Or most likely, I am not understanding how to make a playlist from a webstream (?).

Thanks a lot in advance for any pointers,
Cheers from Cologne, Thomas

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How to auto-start webstream (radio) playback at startup? - by schroedingersdog - 10-28-2016, 03:20 PM

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