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Outdated dependencies?
Hi, you might wanna update these instructions to latest Qt5 stuff ;-)

also I\'ve updated the AUR\'s sayonara-player-svn PKGBUILD and added a few dependencies which I think should be added:

+ hicolor theme
- taglib (already covered by gst plugins)
- add \'desktop-file-utils\' \'xdg-utils\' to makedepends (or maybe to depends? not sure)

btw.: the gst-plugins-bad dependecny you forgot to remove Tongue
*bump* Tongue

Also the PKGBUILD in the SVN should be using ver 0.7 now.

My changes ofc. would also hit the readme ;-)
Hi Leonard,

sorry I was on vacation. Just returned yesterday. I will fix that today.
Hi, have a look at

This PKGBUILD file is always up to date with the latest stable version.

If you don\'t mind, I won\'t remove the taglib dependency because the gstreamer dependendy is a little bit too implicit and users are curious which libs are actually used.

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