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[SOLVED] Load last track on startup option does not work
The option \'Preferences \\ Start up \\ Load last track on startup\' does not work. Playback continues from the first item in the playlist. (0.3.2r564)

[Edited on 13-7-2013 by Kallisto]
I cannot reproduce this issue. This only may happen if you kill sayonara via ctrl+c within 1 sek after you changed the track.
I exit from the application with \'Close\' menu item of tray icon. In the preferences window checked the first 3 items: Load playlist on startup, Start playing, Load last track on startup. My music library is empty.

It seems, Sayonara saves current song correctly, \'last_track\' in ./Sayonara/player.db set to \'-1,<file name, which was played at the time of the application exit>\'. But for some reason, Sayonara start playing from the first item of the saved playlist.
Aaaah, those are extern tracks not loaded from library. For these tracks I could reproduce the issue
Done. Already on SVN, will be available in the next version

The playlist is not saved/restored on the application shutdown/restart if the library path is not set.

The application crashed on right mouse click on the empty playlist.
Ok, this is a combination I didn\'t look at... Sad But now
Uuuups... I forgot again to set the first 3 checkboxes under Preferences \\ Start Up. (I feed these options should be set by default, as this is a standard behavior for all other players.)
Now, I see the playlist is saved/restored, but there is some issue with the last song. A wrong song starts to play after restart of the application... It seems, the restored song is two items below the saved song in the playlist.
After a series of restarts (I tried to catch relaunch problem) the issue is gone. I cannot reproduce it anymore. Sayonara plays the correct song after restart. I tried to delete .Sayonara directory, but still have no problem. Strange... Let\'s presume that was my local problem.

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