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Hi. Great player!.
I\'m lookin for add it in openbox autostart, but it has no option for start hidden, so it is displayed every time i start an openbox session.

It would be a command line argument (sayonara --hidden?).


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Cool idea. I will create that option. I\'ll write here when it\'s done. Where do you get the package from?
I compiled it from the latest git source on OpenSUSE.
Done. Will be available in the next version. If you are impatient, you have to compile it yourself. You can find the option in File -> Preferences -> Player -> Start minimized. Otherwise, the next version will probably arrive this weekend
Thanks you!

I will compile it today.

Good luck! to you and sayonara!.

It works good.

An off topic: Now, at compile time throws an error trying to include mtp.h, while configured to not support it.
Solved by installing libmtp.

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Thank you Smile I have to fix some compile errors nevertheless so I will fix that, too.

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