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[DONE] Customize playlist formatting and appearance
Hi there,

getting to know the player better and still liking the slick yet powerful appearance.

What I would like to be able to change (or see changed):
- Being able to edit the playlist entry template. (something like \"%artist% - %track% - %title%\")
- Removing the bold formatting on the library entries - imo bold fonts should only be used to highlight words *against* normal fonts. I\'d also like to be able to change the bold font in the playlist. Maybe make it formattable through the markdown syntax (between stars italic, between double stars bold)

Is it possible right now to edit any player appearance settings (like css or skin file) until this becomes available inside the player?

PS: One small thing I noticed: when changing the player font for the first time, the preselected entry is NOT the actually used font but the alphabetically first. This is confusing when changing the font and deciding to reset it - I didn\'t know which one was the original one. Pressing the default button seems to work incorrectly.

[Edited on 19-9-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
You can change bold fonts in the Library View by adding following entries at the end of /usr/share/sayonara/dark.css or /usr/share/sayonara/standard.css

LibraryView {
        font-weight: normal;

LibraryGenreView {
        font-weight: normal;

Styling the playlist is not possible at the moment.
Works great, thank you!
So, I implemented the customization of the playlist entries. Exactly as

Quote:Being able to edit the playlist entry template. (something like \"%artist% - *%track%* - %title%\")

But currently only available on the git server. It\'s available in the next version.

And I will create a more sophisticated font configuration. So you don\'t have to edit the css file.

That\'s great news!

How can I get the latest git version? I followed this post and compiled everything, but the latest commit is dated from 27/02, so the change isn\'t in there yet.
You can switch to the working branch
I switched to the working branch, but I still don\'t find any option to choose the playlist formatting. Not sure what I\'m doing wrong?
There\'s no option, yet. It\'s hard coded in the playlist delegate class. But there will be a option soon

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