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After a brief look at the sources I saw hardcoded English messages in UI files. Is there a way to make a localization for the current project state?
Yes, actually there is. Qt offers a way for this.

I even have gathered some translations in an Excel file. But I haven\'t found any time until now to integrate them. It\'s a bunch of work I\'m not yet familiar with. I don\'t think this feature will come within the next 3 months

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How about RTL languages?
Is there a point in translating the text into hebrew?
Different from origin plans I already started to integrate localization. But I do not speak all languages so I need persons who have some time.
All you need is Qt Linguist and the Sayonara source code from SVN

go to the trunk directory and run

sh ./scripts/ new <language code>

the language codes you can find at
In your case

sh ./scripts/ new he

in the languages directory you will find a sayonara_lang_<language code>.ts file. Open it with Qt linguist and you can start to translate. If you have done it you can send me the .ts file and I will integrate it
I\'ll have a look, but I wonder how it will look considering the interface is probably hard-coded in LTR fashion.
A few things, yes. But I am not sure if RTL is neccessary in playlist or the library view. I think most of of the player will render it correctly, but not everything. Let\'s wait for the surprise
Well, I tried.
Halfway through I realized there are some things that simply can\'t be translated reasonably into Hebrew.
At the moment I\'m off the idea. Considering I don\'t ever use Hebrew GUI anyway, not such a big loss...
On a side note, the technical side of translating is very easy and well made and it also seems that the RTL thing works correctly for the most part (judging from the previews where available in QT linguist) :thumbup:

[Edited on 7-4-2013 by adam777]
There are Russian, English and German translations now. With English and German I am confident that they are alright. But I\'m sure that the russian translations may have some errors. Any corrections are welcome
A nice person provided me a complete set of french translations. Available on SVN now

[Edited on 18-7-2013 by Lucio Carreras]
In Russian, some words and phrases are longer than their English alternatives. For example, \'Album\' should be translated as \'Альбом\', but the translation does not fit the available space on the \'Album\' button in the \'Alternative Covers\' form. Also, I see no suitable replacement for \'Альбом\' and the word cannot be shortened. I believe we will face the problem with other languages in some situations as well. If you are going to make international interface, it is better to have 1.5 times more space available on all the GUI components than it is required for English phases. That do you think? Is it acceptable to enlarge the GUI components, or should translators to fit the space available at all costs?

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