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[DIED] playlist search and queue
First of all, I am very happy with the latest release!! Smile playlist formatting, switching off library bold font, dedicated preference window, ... Cool!

This sets off yet another bunch of wishes, I hope you don\'t mind! Big Grin

Since I am switching from winamp, these requests are inspired by that...

- dedicated search window for the playlist (winamp: press J for \"jump\" and such window pops up with update-as-you-type list of tracks matching the string *anywhere* in the track\'s title and artist tag / playlist string)
I don\'t find the current search-as-you-type solution in the playlist of much use, since most of the time i don\'t know the particular beginning of the name of the track i am looking for, and it\'s hard to spot the selected track.

- Enqueuing tracks in the playlist would be really cool! In winamp, you just have to mark a track in the playlist and press \'Q\' and it is then highlighted and will be played after the current track. pressing \'Q\' on multiple tracks expands the queue and a small number indicates which place in the queue the tracks are in.
This would be a really useful feature for me, I used it frequently in winamp.

Also a shortcut for opening preferences (Ctrl+P sounds reasonable as default) would be useful.
And this may be a small bug: When I change the playlist formatting and press \"apply\", nothing happens. I have to press \"OK\" for that.. With other options, \"apply\" is working fine.

Thanks again for that fine piece of software and all the time you invest into development! Smile

[Edited on 19-9-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Full-text search in playlist, shortcut for preferences and the apply bug can be solved easily.

But I have to disappoint you with the enqueue-feature. The sense of the playlist is to gather your tracks in the order you want to hear them. You also can change that order by deleting or moving tracks. This enqueue feature always seemed to me like a playlist in a playlist. It\'s a feature overkill. And because of those many many features, Winamp became very bloated (for the developers). And now Winamp is dead.

But hey, nothing is impossible. I always thought about implementing features for specific users. My wishlist is pretty big too Wink Just kidding...

[Edited on 25-4-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Nice to hear!

About the enqueue feature... Enqueuing is very much different from playlisting in my opinion.

Consider this:
1. Having a lot of music files on the computer requires the Library feature, which brings order into those files and enables searching by title, grouping by genre, album, artist, etc...
2. Deciding what songs I want to hear in the next hour or so is where the playlist comes into play. Let\'s say I have one artist I love, so I filter by artist and choose two or three cool albums of his, so I playlist them. Then I decide I want shuffle play.
3. Listening for a while I think to myself: \"Hey, wouldn\'t it be cool listening to that two cool tracks of this album?\", but I don\'t want to interrupt the current song and I also don\'t want to switch from random to ordered play and reorder the album tracks but rather have the playback continue random after my particular song choice.

This is actually a common use case for me.

If you still refuse to implement, it would be very kind if you could point me in the code to where
(1) another shortcut can be added / linked to a signal
(2) where to catch which track in the playlist is selected when that signal (keypress in active playlist) is triggered.
I\'d be happy to implement that feature myself, and provide it to the community if there is interest.
What about introducing a shortcut that copies (optionally moves) the selected tracks behind the current played track? That would be pretty easy to implement and can be offered in the next bugfix release.

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