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[DONE] Getting Sayonara on the Deepin Store
Hey Lucio,
I\'m running Linux Deepin on a system and am blown away by how good a distro it is. They focus on supporting only quality applications, so I\'ve made a request for Sayonara Big Grin. Thought i\'d let you know and if anyone else wants to add another request that might help.


(ppa\'s don\'t work as well in this OS. There probably exists a way to install Sayonara but Deepin seems very active so they might just add it quickly)

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Hey, this sounds really cool. If the maintainers have some trouble or questions let me know Smile
Congratulations Lucio, Sayonara has made it on the Deepin Store. Got over 40 downloads and 4 stars in around 20 days. Smile
Thank you. I am very happy to hear that. But I cannot find any link to the package site. Where do you get this information from?
Sorry I meant to link this:

The stats are found on the OS\'s store.

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