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No Polish language?

I saw on screenshots, that this software have polish language, but after install in options there is no polish language.

There once was a guy who offered me to do the translations. There were about 20 translations he made until he decided to stop.

I am very sorry for that because Poland is one of the biggest countries in Europe. I support every translator with every term, but people are frightened.
I tried today and I could create 317 out of 516 terms. So only 200 are missing. Are you willing to have a look at the rest? I will send you a package, with annotations to the remaining terms and everything you have to do is opening the qt translation program Smile

Of course, you will appear in the credits, too

[Edited on 15-5-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Sure, why not. I can try.

Cool! Smile

So, I have prepared some helpers.
On the ftp you will find two files. Download and extract them. One of them is the sayonara source code and the pl.qph is a dictionary that will help you.

In the packages qtchooser and qttools5-dev-tools you will find the qt linguist
apt-get install qtchooser qttools5-dev-tools

in the linguist open the polish translation file from the sayonara source code. it is located in


In the menubar, there is the entry \"phrases\". you can open the phrasebook pl.qph there.

Little tutorial
Left, you will see the single modules, in the middle, you can do the translations, and on the right you will sometimes see a preview. I have annotated every translation so you can guess the context. If a translation is finished, you have to mark it with that green done sign by clicking several times on it.

At the bottom, you see some phrases and guesses. If you already have translated a term, and marked it as done, it will appear there in future, too.

If you are done, just send me the ts file. It\'s not a duty! Translate as much as you want to. You don\'t have to do everything.

If you have questions, don\'t hesitate to ask Smile
Btw, I\'ve uploaded a new sayonara version with all polish translations a could do so far Smile
Jaka wersja programu sayonara, jaka dystrybucja,jakie środowisko.

Najnowsza wersja programu zawiera polską lokalizację językową: File-> Preferences-> Language-> Poliski-> Ok
dalej restart programu, po ponownym uruchomieniu wczytają się wszystkie tłumaczenia.

Lokalizacja pliku z tłumaczeniem: /usr/share/sayonara/translations/sayonara_lang_pl.qm

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