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[DONE] 432Hz option
I like to play my music at 432Hz pitch rather than normal 440Hz. 432Hz sounds much deeper and warmer and more natural. In Foobar I can do this by a Pitch adjust of -0.32 semitones (in DSP manager > soundtouch). It would be nice to have an 432Hz option. info see here and here, example here.

Thanks for a great Linux player (donation made).

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Hi! First of all thank you for your donation.
If I understand you correctly, the sound just has to be tuned down not affecting speed or anything else. Maybe I can use an existing plugin, but it\'s not implemented very well. So I guess I have to modify it or implement it from scratch. This may take a while depending on the effort. But nothing is impossible.
If i may ask: How did you notice the player and since when have you been using it?
It is featured on OMG!UBuntu!

That is correct, you only have to bring down the pitch from 440 to 432, nothing else has to change. Some advanced music players allow to change pitch presets manually. But I would prefer a simple button to toggle between 440Hz and 432Hz. A double click might give access to a Pitch slider, but I really do not need that as 432 is the sweet spot. And most people would never understand the use.

A [432Hz] option would be a nice USP for Sayonara Player, as no player I know off has this at the moment. Audio experts generally agree it does give music a more deep inner experience, where 440 makes Music feel more distant. It is more or less self-explanatory as people can simply hear the difference.

There are programs to convert music to 432Hz, I used to do that, but that is cumbersome and unneeded when the Music player itself can change the pitch. Of course music made in 432Hz Pitch should not be played with lowered pitch.

I already like your player very much. It is now my preferred Linux music Player. I would be glad with anything you can do. A simple pitch-slider like the speed slider would be make me happy. But if you would like to go the extra mile, I have a suggestion that would make ordinary people like me very happy:

[Edited on 17-9-2016 by Onsi]
I implemented it yesterday. I only have to do some cosmetics. You also can adjust the speed by keeping the pitch now.

[Edited on 17-9-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Wow that is fast! Thank you very much!!!
Which linux distribution and version do you use? So I can create a package for testing
Ubuntu 14.04.4 But I will wait till it is ready.
New version released
Ah, maybe I should tell you how to activate it. The Speed plugin was renamed to Speed/Pitch. There is a tab where you can set the slider to 432Hz.

Off topic:
I\'ve never heard about this before, but I read a lot about why people should do this. So I have been listening to my music in 432Hz for the last few days. I can hear the difference but I don\'t feel the difference Confusedmilegrin: But my personal opinion is, that this does not fit to all tracks. But it fits for dark and slow tracks.

[Edited on 20-9-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
WOWWW This update does not only add the 432Hz option, it also allows to change the speed while preserving pitch! Thank you so much, it\'s an amazing feature! :-D :-D :-D

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