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[Done] Add option to Merge Artists
In my collection it is often to have little differences in the artists name, since I download the major amount of my music from different sources that label them differently. Like this:
[Image: sayonara-equal-artists.png]

It would be nice to have a quick option (accessible from the right click menu) to \"Merge Artists\", allowing to select the variation that should be applied to all selected artists.

I known it is already possible to use the [fantastic] native TAG Editor and the option (*) All for the Artist field, but it doesn\'t allow to select the best name, it just show the first track one. Then you have to manually type the correct one, or skip tracks using the Next option until the preferred name shows.

So another possibility to address this issue would be to present a list of different artists from the selected tracks in Artist field in TAG Editor. Maybe it is the easiest to implement, but I still vote for a right click menu option in the Artist list.

Thank you for your attention :-D and have a great day/night!

[Edited on 9-10-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Cool idea Smile I never thought about that. It\'s on my todo list
Finished. Currently testing...
Available in most current version now

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