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Auto add playlist new tracks to Library
When I download new tracks and want to listen to them, I usually open Sayonara and drag and drop them from the file manager to the playlist. Since they are new and already safe in my Library directory, but not included in it yet, I also need to update my Library.

It would be great if the player could auto update the Library with new tracks that are added to the playlist and located in the Library path. :-D
You can take this folder again from file manager and drag and drop it into the library. An importing dialog shows up asking you, where to copy this directory to. You can even tag the tracks before the are finally copied.
But you are right. If those tracks are already in library, the entire library has to be reloaded. Currently. Try the importer, it\'s working really well. And in the meantime I think about a concept to import tracks to the library which are already in the library path.
Before creating this thread, I actually tried the Importer and it worked flawless and really quick on copying, but like you\'ve said, it\'s not that much useful when tracks are already in the Library path. I always save my music directly in the Music folder, so I\'ll wait with joy for this feature. ^_^ Thank you for taking your time on this.

Have a great day!

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