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Allow interation with the main window when the Lyrics window is opened

One of my main use for the lyrics feature is to sing along the song and sometimes when I\'m still learning the lyrics I need to repeat a part of the song many times until I get it right.

Currently, it\'s not possible to interact with the playback controls when the Lyrics window is open. It would be great if the type of this window could be changed, so it allows the main Windows to be used while it\'s opened.

Also it would be nice to have an option to Edit the lyrics in Wikia. A simple Edit button aside the Close button in the Lyrics windows to launch the URL:
For instance:
By the way, I noticed a great improvement in the speed of the lyrics loading. It feels like all the tracks in the playlist have its lyrics previously cached. It\'s amazing! XD

[Edited on 20-9-2016 by pauloup]

[Edited on 20-9-2016 by pauloup]
I am very sorry for the slow progress. At the moment, I have a bunch of work to do and I don\'t find time to code... I hope things are getting better after christmas. Thanks for your patience...

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