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Double free error (new thread)

Intended or not ? Genres are weirdly displayed, not really alphabetical order…

What did I expect ? All the genres listed alphabetically

[Image: mini_926063Capturedu20160924195429.png]
( ubuntu 16.04 )

[Edited on 9-10-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Yes, that looks weird. The intention of the tree was like:
Classic Rock and Stoner Rock are subgenres of Rock. So the genres containing \"Rock\" are considered as children of Rock. Basically it\'s a substring match sorting. You have some MP3 files with the Genre \"O\" and the Genre \"F\". So Pop is considered as a subgenre of \"O\" and Funk is considered a subgenre of \"F\".

That\'s not good. I haven\'t thought about those cases. I will include a few options.

- Genres with less than 3 letters cannot be a parent genre
- Toggle Tree View / List View
- Right click on genre -> \"Remove Genre\", which will remove this genre from all audio files

Here\'s an image with the intention behind it Smile

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Now I understand better what is the intention, nice idea.

But I\'m 100% sure I have no file with O, B, or F as genre… trusting other music players ( rhythmbox, banshee ).


Got it !

There is a genre « B.O.F » which stands for Bande Originale de Films, french for Original Sound Tracks O.S.T.

Caps or dots may be the breaker ?
You are right: Splitters are: Comma, slash, semi colon and points. On my todo list now
Fixed. Available in the next version
New version is out
Can\'t see any difference - 0.9.2-0ppa6-xenial1
Please reload the library. Deep scan.
Indeed, perfect !


Probably not related, closing Sayonara triggers apport bug report :
[Image: mini_756983capture.jpg] [Image: mini_674053capture2.jpg]

[Edited on 9-10-2016 by Coeur Noir]
Damn! Not good. If it happens next time, can you send me the complete stack trace? Is it reproduceable?

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