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Next Version
Now that the plan outlined here obviously didn\'t happen, can we get a hint regarding next version?
Would it be mainly a bugfix release in the 0.3.x series or will the next release incorporate some of the changes planned for 0.4?
Thanks, Adam.

No time frame, obviously, which is fine.
Sorry, I haven\'t seen this post until today

Everytime I say \"Ok, release will be next weekend\", someone comes up with a new feature request / issue report. But currently I have done a feature freeze and i have solved most of the issues listed on the google webpage.

The new version will have a few new features and of course bug fixes. Enhanced Importing, a display for current level, a language chooser and an update notifier. Of course also bug fixes and a few little improvements. I\'m alone and I have another full-time job so please excuse me that updates are not that frequent. But I wanna be sure that there are no major bugs in it. So testing needs more time than developing in most cases.

There were a lot of changes since version 0.3 so actually i could name the new version 0.4. But i cannot promise anything

Thanks for the update :thumbup:
New update is available. But sorry, not all wishes are inside.. Nevertheless it feels much more stable

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