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[DONE] Album cover selection dialog buttons

I noticed that in the dialog \"Search alternative image\" there are buttons \"Close\" and \"Save\". Pressing \"Save\" does not close the dialog, which is unexpected to me and means extra clicks: Save, then Close. I wonder if that\'s really needed. If those were \"Discard\" and \"Save\" or \"Ok\" and \"Cancel\" with Ok/Save closing the dialog as well, would we lose anything? I would find that a lot more intuitive and closer to what other apps seem to be doing.

Best, Sebastian

[Edited on 1-11-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
You are right. Maybe a preview button would be the cleaner thing Smile The save button does not close the dialog because some images are not quadratic and I want to preview the image first
Agree with sping, I also expected \"save\" to close the window.

Any way to add there info about « size » or « weight » of found images to help chose the « best » one ?
I am already planning a new version for this evening so I will split this into an apply and ok button.
Did you mean to write \"apply and ok\" (or rather \"cancel and ok\")? How would apply and ok differ from current save and close?
Cancel closes
Apply only applies the image so you have a preview (I want to have that feature, no discussion Confusedmilegrin: )
OK is apply + close

But I guess the next release is on weekend, not today

[Edited on 27-10-2016 by Lucio Carreras]

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