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[DONE] Fast forward while playing produces weird sound

When a music is playing, if i left-click in the progressbar of the currently playing music, a weird sound is produded. It\'s like if the first 50ms of the music (corresponding to the click location) was played twice. The rest of the music is played correctly.

I am using Sayonara 0.9.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.
I can provide more details if needed.

[Edited on 1-5-2017 by Lucio Carreras]
Really? I am the only one on earth having this issue?

After posting an issue 3 weeks ago, no reponse.
Also, have you heard about GitHub? We are in 2016, you know.

Don\'t tell me i have no reason to be angry. I am also a developer, contribute to several open source projects. Responding to issues, even for saying \"we won\'t fix that\", is the base of everything.

Bye sayonra.
Sorry for the late reply... I really had some stressful days and I completely oversaw your post. Sad Usually people receive an answer within 24 hours. Can you upload a sample track where you experience that issue? Or does this problem appear with all tracks? There has been a similar issue 3 years ago, but since then, I haven\'t heard about this issue again.

Important for me to know is: Is crossfader, gapless playback or the pitch plugin activated?

Yes, I know GitHub but I don\'t agree the terms and conditions.

Sorry again!


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