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[DONE] Playlist can't remember songs position

Let\'s say i\'m create one long playlist with 500 songs on it(default name \"New1\") and then, after listening for example 300 songs i have change my mood and want to create another playlist with different style of music  - this will be \"New2\" with 20 songs on it. After listening, let\'s say 5 songs on \"New2\" i suddenly need to turn off PC. After logging in again i see that player starts on playlist \"New2\" on song 5(where it was left before shuting down PC) BUT then switching again to playlist \"New1\" default song\'s position will be first song on playlist instead #300. Player can\'t remember song\'s position and i have found that very inconvienent. Any solution please?

P.S. Playlists naming \"New1\", \"New2\",\"New3\"... is not so practical - i think much better option to name playlist to is folder\'s name by default.

[Edited on 22-11-2016 by zilinux]
Hi! Indeed, Sayonara only remembers the position of the last played track in the last active playlist. If you switch the playlist and play another track, the old playlist is not active anymore and no \'last played track\' is saved for it.

Folder\'s name is a really really a matter of taste. I usually don\'t do anything with directories so it would be annoying for me and a lot of other people. I can offer you the possibility to enter a new default name for the playlist. But what should be the playlist\'s name, when I drag and drop a bunch of artists into it and there\'s no common directory?
Does the problem still appear?

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