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Sure, No hurry at all.

I really like your player very much. I am now using Sayonara full time for music playback. There is just one feature that I miss much from my last player VLC.

An option to delete files directly from the music player. If there is an option to \"Send file to Trash\" when we right click on a track in all view modes specially in the Current Playing List.

It makes a lot of sense to me to delete duplicates, unliked songs etc directly from the app.

Thank you very much

[Edited on 1-5-2017 by Lucio Carreras]
Hi! It\'s already possible from within the Local Library window. But not from the playlist. I will integrate that in the next version. But you have to be a little bit pstient, because I guess I\'ll find very little time for coding until christmas
Thanks a lot Lucio.

Yes its possible from the Local library window, would be awesome if its also possible from the Playlist. As searching the current playing song in huge local library is very time consuming.

I am also willing to donate on this request, but my country\'s paypal isn\'t supported. do you have any other ways of accepting donation
No, it\'s ok. I will integrate that. But I guess I don\'t find time to release a new version before christmas. Is that ok for you?
Thanks for taking it in consideration first of all.

Please take your time, as Christmas is coming, and winter too. Smile
Happy New Year Lucio Carreras
Happy new year, too Smile
I finally found time again and I am currently working on a new release
Please tell me the distribution you are using. Then I will create a beta package for you Smile I need some beta testers first because there were some deep changes. But don\'t be afraid, your sound files are save Wink
Hi Lucio,

Sorry couldn\'t navigate here earlier, I currently use vanilla ubuntu16.04 with Unity, and ubuntu mate 14.04 in my laptop.

I would like to test the betas and give you feedback.

Thank you
Hi Lucio, eagerly waiting to integrate the Delete option in \'Now Playing\' Lists

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