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[DONE] Great Player - Album Artist & Cover View?

First - love the player, great work, thanks!

Second, a couple of suggestions / requests:

1. How about an option to switch between \'album\' and \'album artist\' as the column in local library view? This gives me a neater, simpler view with far less artists in my collection because of all the \'various artists\' albums etc.

2. How about a cover view with sizeable covers? I like this, I can pretend I am flicking through all my old 70\'s punk vinyl Smile

Thanks again


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[Edited on 1-5-2017 by Lucio Carreras]
Hi Leigh! Thank you!

1. It\'s not a trivial job. I am not pretty sure how I could manage something like \"album artist\". For example, I have a soundtrack of a movie. There are 20 tracks, all by a different artist. What do you expect to see in the artist view?

2. Cover view sounds cool. You mean something similar to iTunes? Where you can scroll through the cover art? I had this request several times, but I haven\'t found the time to implement this, yet Sad But I hope, I can do this between Christmas and new year.



1. All my files have two separate \'Artist\' tags:

A. \'Artist\' (artist)

B. \'Album artist\' (albumartist)

When there are different artists on the album, then albumartist is \'Various Artists\' and artist is the track artist

When the album is by one artist, then artist and albumartist are the same

That way when I view by albumartist I get less artists, with \'Various Artists\' enabling me to go straight to compilations etc.

My programming skills are basic at best, and VERY outdated, but surely it wouldnt be difficult to do the same as you have for \'Artist\' with the artist tag, but with an extra column \'Album Artist\' with the \'albumartist\' tag? (that\'s a question Smile )

2. I have no idea about iTunes, but, yes, scroll through cover art (which should be \'categorisable\' into genre, Artist, etc)

Thanks again

Your expectations regarding the album artist are not very high. So I guess that should be possible without much effort. I hope I can finish these two points until the end of the year. I will send you a link to a testing version then.

I would also appreciate this feature - right now the browser uses a combined Artist/Album Artist view, which might get confusing on larger libraries.
I started working on this issue today
I implmented the album artist feature. If you tell me your linux distribution, I may create a beta version for you. It took some deeper changes in the database layer but as far as I could see, everything works as expected. Smile

But: Music Libraries have a lot of different faces and I was surprised how messy my library looked when activating that feature. I hope your library is cleaner than mine was. After a little bit of tagging, it\'s really a very nice feature. Thank you for the good idea.
Hi there,

first of all, many thanks for this awesome player, it definitely close to what I was looking for, after iTunes got so much worse over the years.

I\'d be very much interested in the Album Artist feature and would be happy to try a beta. I\'m on Linux Mint (Cinnamon).

Since I can see a number of different ways how such a feature could behave, can you describe how you would expect it to work?

My expectations would be something along these lines:
* The Artist and Track view table titles allow to show Album Artist instead (for the artist pane), or as another column (title pane)
* Selections in the artist pane are based on whatever is currently shown

By the way, are there any plans to move this project to GitHub? Having it self-hosted and with this oldschool forum feels... erh... let\'s say somewhat outdated.
I might be able to contribute this or that - I have been hacking a little on a Python player, but it proved way to slow. I\'m no C++ guru, but I know my way around programming and this might finally be the chance to pick up some of it.
Hi Benjamin!

Thanks for your nice words and using this old-school forum. Wink

[cite] The Artist and Track view table titles allow to show Album Artist instead (for the artist pane), or as another column (title pane)[/cite]
The album artist feature is in its heavy testing phase at the moment. I really love this feature. But it\'s a very complicated feature when having a closer look what\'s actually happening. So there are still some bugs....

[cite]Selections in the artist pane are based on whatever is currently shown [/cite]
That\'s a nice idea. I guess I had this feature once but I kicked it out because people were complaining about losing the overview. With a little effort I can reactivate it and make it optionally. But please be a little bit patient Smile

Regarding Github: I once used Google code because Sourceforge already was suffering from bad publicity. But Google decided to stop that service. There\'s no trust in services hosted by others especially if they are commercial. Github looks like the garden of Eden, that\'s right. But: It\'s an american and commercial service. America is not the safest harbor in the world anymore, And what\'s even more important: I don\'t want to depend on some CEOs who wanna see money from one day to another and not caring about all this content hosted there. So maybe once there will be a well known, easy :lol: and free European service . But Europe is... naw.. I\'ll host it own my own Wink Period.

If you want to contribute, you are welcome. Currently I am working on the first QML features. If you are interested in learning a new and really powerful language you are invited with pleasure Smile

I will create a new beta-version and upload it tomorrow.

Hi Lucio,

thanks for your feedback. Did you have the chance to build a beta version that I could test? Or is there one and I did not see yet?

--- off topic about self-hosting vs Github starts here ---

I totally understand you want to avoid a dependency on a commercial service, especially if hosted in the US. However, I would like to make an argument why the dependency is tiny and the benefits are big:
- Unlike Google Code, Sourceforge or Facebook, GitHub has a viable and working business model that does not involve ads or selling your data (or like Sourceforge, including adware/malware to the downloads)
- Using git, you have your source under your control and can put it anywhere, also on your own servers. GitHub would be just another copy, you could look at is as a backup (which is hopefully not the only one). Distributed is more resilient than central.
- Tracking bugs, feature requests and other issues gets way more accessible, not only to others but also to yourself, allowing to focus more on the development (I understand that this part builds a bigger dependency)
- With the above, contributions are much more likely because they have a lower barrier

Anyway, of course you\'re free to chose whatever tools or platform you do or do not want to use.

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