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[DONE] re-open: Some mp3 files cause to crash sayonara

I trying Sayonara now for two days and I like the simple interface.
But I experience the same crashes as user nukeskywalker, reported in

Ubuntu Xenial, music library on Samba server mounted via gfvs.
For me, it\'s about 5 % of all music files crashes Sayonara. And it\'s not limited to mp3, but mp4 and wma.


[Edited on 1-5-2017 by Lucio Carreras]
Hi! Are you sure, all codecs are installed? Can you upload a few sample files? Then I can try to reproduce that.
Eh, well, maybe it\'s a better strategy to catch a missing codec instead of allowing the application to crash?
If a codec is missing, then the playback usually stops. But it\'s not the classic crash like \'whooosh, program is gone\'. Crashs are completely not acceptable at all. You can upload a few files, then I hopefully can clearify where the problem is. Can you play these files with totem or rhythmbox player?

If I don\'t experience the problem, then the problem is probably related to some missing packages (which is my fault, and I can fix this)
If I can reproduce these errors, I will find a solution for sure.

I guess Google allows big attachments, so you can send these files attached to some email luciocarreras att
If the problem still persists, please send me those files and reopen a new thread

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