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[DONE] Library Management - Propagate Metadata Changes to filesystem
I have been in the process of searching for an iTunes substitute for Linux for a very long time - and Sayonara is the first one that doesn\'t suck badly - actually, I think it is quite awesome.

There is one feature I am missing, which is the Library Management Feature of iTunes. As soon as I perform any changes on the Metadata of 1..n Tracks, they are sorted into corresponding Folders on my filesystem.

Means: The tracks are sorted into a Artist/Album or Compilation/Album structure. A track is put into an Artist/Album/ folder by default, if the particular track is marked as part of a Compilation, it is sorted into Compilations/<Album Name>.

As a user with around 10000 tracks, I love this function as it keeps my library clean.

I would really appraciate having that feature in Sayonara.

Aswell, I would like to offer my cooperation - I am a developer myself and if there is a way to contribute to that great project, I would be glad to do - for instance by submitting a branch with the functionality I described above.

Thank you very much for the great work!

[Edited on 1-5-2017 by Lucio Carreras]
Hello! I talked with a colleague about a pretty similar feature. He has a well tagged library but a mess on his file system. He asked, if it\'s possible to create a tag-based library structure. This sounds easy but there are pitfalls. But to do this for samplers is a pretty good entry point. Do you have a jabber account so we can talk about this. I am happy about every contribution at the moment because I don\'t find much time these days... I will send you my jabber address via U2U.

This feature sounds very interesting and I guess many other users, too.
Done. Available in current version 0.9.3. Use Menubar->Local Library->Auto update

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