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Lyrics in main window

I have just found this really awesome player (in the comments of this page :-D ).
I used the player and I like all these features. Then I found the lyric tab.
My question is, is it possible to make the lyric tab shown in the main menu? This is one point I really liked in Audacious. There the lyrics are shown automatically if you have opended the lyric window.
Maybe you can add a checkbox for this point, where you can disable Genre and add a lyric window, for example.
I hope you now what I mean :-D

At least, thank you for this really awesome Player. I like it so much, that I want to have it on my windows pc at work.

keep it up :-)
Hello and welcome to the Sayonara forum. Sorry a lot for the late reply!
I am not sure, if I like this idea. These many windows were the reason why Amarok turned really really bad. There were simply too much windows and you have no clue where to focus at. But the music is not in the foreground anymore.
But: If you feel comfortable with it, I can integrate a little plugin where the equalizer or the other plugins are located or creating an additional Library plugin which contains the info dialog. I guess, that\'s the nicer way. So you have your playlist on the left and right of it the classic info dialog in the library pane. If you want to add new tracks you have to switch between this view and this Info Dialog view.

See the attachment, maybe like this? Sorry for the poor quality


[Edited on 22-2-2017 by Lucio Carreras]

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Hey Lucio,

the idea about the plugins that make lyrics visible in the library panel and/or where the other plugins appear sounds good. I think people would love and use them.


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