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View ratings in playlist
It would be awesome if the ratings were exposed in the playlist, because I often want to know whether I rated a song or not. At the moment I have to right-click it to see ratings.

Hi! I wanna have that feature, too. Do you have any idea how to show this rating properly? I don\'t have one Big Grin
In the Library view you have a column that shows ratings. Can\'t you expose this information in the playlist pane? What if you gave the playlist the same sort of column view? One could then sort the playlist by \"Artist\", \"Rating\", etc. And one can shuffle around the columns to their own desire, so you could scrap the custom settings for playlist view.
Of course, that\'s possible. But in order to do that, the playlist has to be stretched significantly. That will have a deep impact on the entire layout. I\'ll think about the solution. But currently, the main focus is to make the current version stable and release the newest changes. I procrastinate over this too long already Sad
A good solution would be to add a second line in Playlist / Look with additional information about the file.

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