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Broadcast function not working
Hi - I can\'t get the broadcast function to work. v.0.9.2
I can see the Sayonara Player Radio page ok with the controls and the currently playing song.
But the controls don\'t seem to have any effect ...

This is true if I connect on local machine (Mint 18.1) or remote machine (WIn 7) using Firefox or Chrome.

I must be doing something wrong ...
Hello! In order to investigate, I need some more information. Is ,Ask for permission\' active in the player? Sometimes, you have to wait for about 30 seconds. I will have a look at this on the weekend
Hi Lucio
I have been playing around with this function a bit more ...

I see now that it does work, just not as I expected!
- it makes no difference if Ask for permission is active or not
- the stream in the Radio is not necessarily synchronized with the main player - maybe there is a delay?
- if I pause the radio stream, the main player does not pause
- when I unpause the radio the music carries on from where it was paused
- if I pause the main player, the radio stream continues for a while (variable amount of time)
seems that the radio stream continues until it reaches the position where the main player was paused
- then if I unpause the main player both streams start together at (almost) the same point in the song

And then there is the Remote Control function ...
- one time I was asked to give permission from the main player
- when I connect from Firefox, after a few minutes of Waiting for ... a page of binary data appears!
- there is some text in there showing song title, etc
- Chrome doesn\'t want to play at all ...

thanks for looking in to it.
I really like sayonara btw!
It ticks all the boxes for me
and very stylish too!
I see, I have to document those features further. Smile

The Broadcasting function is intended to work like a radio station. So if you are listening to a webstream from your favorite music station, people will hate you if you pause their stream. Big Grin So the broadcasting function is a live function and intended to be passive. The idea behind that was \"Hey buddy, listen to the cool sound I am listening to at the moment. Here\'s the Url\". Unfortunately, there\'s a delay, yes. Your stream is played, but the outgoing stream is buffered. This was no problem until now because between my friends and me, there are some kilometers...

In contrast, the remote control function is an active functionality. The remote control does not work out of a browser. Instead, you need an extra client for this. There is one for the Ubuntu Phone (R.I.P.). It should not be much work to port it to Android devices. I would help with development but I want someone else to put it into the store and doing the maintainance stuff. It\'s simply too time consuming. And time is some luxury I don\'t have at the moment.

When connected via the remote control port, the player is sending the current song, playlist, cover and time. You can pause the player, choose another track and regulate the volume. One can control the player via any tcp client e.g. netcat from command line, too. But since you are the first person who\'s giving me feedback to that functionality, I guess I should put more resources into it. A browser based user interface is indeed a cool idea.
OK, that clarifies things a lot, thanks

So it\'s really the remote control function that I am interested in.
I run a few machines (linux and win) simultaneously because I need to use some windows software on a daily basis.
I run a music player on the linux machine and ideally can control it (at least a few functions) also from the win machine.
So far mpd and clementine have worked for me
mpd has a few clients that work on windows - most are old and no longer developed - not sure why that is - I have heard that mpd code is a little tricky ...
gmpc works well on both platforms but lacks some features that I have grown to like
someone has written a python web browser interface for clementine - works well

But now I have found Sayonara which I like a lot!
I have some basic coding skills - I might be able to contribute something ... maybe with documentation as well

It seems like the remote control function is very close to working.
At least the data is transfered over LAN, even if it\'s not in usable form as yet
Are there any desktop apps that might be able to access it?

I once developed a basic QML based remote control for the desktop. It was the code base of the Ubuntu phone app. I can make the source code public and also publish a ubuntu package in the sayonara ppa. It only has qt as dependency. It should run under windows, too if compiled on a windows machine...
I will let you know, when the source code is in a public repo and the ppa is available
OK, great - sounds good, thanks!

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