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Autoplay when a file is opened
Right now, when a single file is opened, Sayonara only adds it to a new playlist, without starting playback. Which is a unusual behaviour, we need an option to start playback automatically. Also an option to add consecutively opened files into one playlist instead of opening a new one for each one would be nice.
Hello! Are you speaking about using files from your library in the library window or from your file system?

For library
If you want to start a file immediately when double clicking it, use
File -> Preferences -> Library -> Library-Playlist Interaction
and check the \"start playback immediately\" (See screenshot)

If I understand you right, you don\"t like the bahaviour, that you double click some files, and the current playlist is replaced by the new files. You can check the append button at the bottom of the playlist. So new tracks are appended to your current visible playlist

When you are talking about using the files from your file manager (nautilus, caja, nemo...) I have to include a few modifications. Please let me know

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Thanks for the reply. And yes, i was talking about files launched from the file manager.
Sorry, I missed that feature for the current version, but I am working on it

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