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Album cover panel - a bit of corruption
Works great but I have a few album covers which are corrupted or the same cover repeat for different albums. However once selected, the right cover appear in the player. Not sure what\'s the culprit.

Thanks !
Is it possible that tracks from different albums are located in a directory with a cover image inside? The first guess of the player is a local cover in the same directory.
And maybe some track has its cover inside the metadata, so the player will display this one during playback. That\'s one possible scenario. The covers for the album cover view are not read from the tracks\' metadata because of performance reasons.
I can\'t figure out a pattern. There is no music picture inside my folders. Sometime there is one cover in the panel which include different files, each containing its own picture in the metadata data.
Sometime like I said different albums have the same picture even if they always have their own in the metadata (they are in the same folder apparently) but some other in that folder are displayed correctly.

Can you tell me how you get the album pictures if you don\'t read the metadata ?

It is not a big issue. No big deal.
In the Panel the order is:
1. Look, if there\'s an image file within the directory of the audio file
2. Try to find a common album and common artist in those tracks, so it\'s an album
3. Try to find a common album and common album artist in those tracks, so it\'s an album
4. Try to find only a common album in those tracks, so it\'s a sampler

And I guess (I have to prove it first) that if nothing of this applies, the cover is chosen for a random track within that dir. If this is the case I have to repair that

Edit: No, I had a directory with four tracks from four different albums, and I got 4 different covers. Probably, you already had a cover for these songs before in your ~/.Sayonara/covers directory.
Can you test renaming this directory, open Sayonara with the album cover view and do some scrolling until those covers are fetched?

[Edited on 3-5-2017 by Lucio Carreras]
Yes that must be a nightmare to figure it out. Most people (like me) have a serious mix up of files all over the place with or without album image built in.

I reset your \"covers\" folder and get it to be regenerated. That fix the different songs with the wrong identical cover \"problem\". The only problem left is one cover at the beginning which include randomly a bunch of unrelated songs in different folders, with and without their covers in the metadata. I am trying to figure that one out. I have a big library and only that one is funny.

I guess your best bet is if everything fail, may be put a default covert. I am not sure if its possible to somehow be able to edit each song under a cover to correct the covers generation logic. Ouf !


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