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No Sound and No Devices Detected [NixOS/from sources]
Hello! I am \"A. Torres\" and I help the NixOS / Nixpkgs team by packaging some softwares.

Resuming a bit: NixOS is a Linux distro built on the top of Nix programming language. And Nix is a functional package-management language.

Nix packages\' files aren\'t installed in regular LSB places like /bin, /etc; each package is installed in a \"sandboxed\" directory inside a store, namely, something like
/nix/store/${control hash}-${package name}-${package version}.

As I have said, I contribute by packaging some softwares from source, specifically writing scripts (expressions, in Nix jargon) and testing them.

When I try to package sayonara, it builds well, no compilation or installation warnings. But when I try to effectively use it, it doesn\'t play any sound. When I try to refresh devices, it shows a warning \"No devices found\".

Can someone help me? If it was the case, I can also ask some request on Nixpkgs team\'s side about clarifying issues.

[Edited on 2017--5-13 by ATorres1985]
Welcome to the forum. I am very happy to hear that another distribution discovered Sayonara Smile

No Sound problem:
Are all codecs installed well? I don\'t know how this distribution is managed, but gstreamer has to find its sound plugins. What does the terminal output/logger say when you are trying to play a mp3 file for example? Gstreamer is using the autoaudiosource element. There\'s some magic inside choosing between OSS, Alsa or Pulseaudio. Maybe this magic fails. Or the codecs cannot be loaded.

No devices problem:
You are expecting sound devices. The name is chosen not quite well I see. The devices section is intended to copy files to an MTP device like a cell phone. So a device is your android or your MTP MP3 player.

But I see another big bit issue. When calling Cmake, you can choose an installation directory prefix, on most distributions this is /usr or /usr/local. Inside those directories sayonara stuff is installed to ./lib/sayonara ./share/sayonara ./bin/sayonara. Inside these directories there are translation files, template databases and the and Soundcloud plugin. And the sayonara binary is expecting those files within those directories. Are the translations and those plugins available in the player (Run File->Preferences->Languages for example). Or look in the \"Local Library\" combo box if there\'s and Soundcloud available. Does the skin change when you are hitting F10?

If you are interested, we can investigate those issues. I could include some extra options for you or create an extra branch for you. I wrote you a personal message with my jabber ID for easier communication.

1 - It compiles with gstreamer and the gstreamer-plugins-base.

If some verbose command helps, ldd returns it (and many other lines): => /nix/store/csg67sjsyf1x0ijg3wf2in742vwc6wv2-gstreamer-1.10.4/lib/ (0x00007fc357548000) => /nix/store/csg67sjsyf1x0ijg3wf2in742vwc6wv2-gstreamer-1.10.4/lib/ (0x00007fc356d7d000) => /nix/store/61za3r9r58f1ml1mbz1nr4vzb8q84np2-gst-plugins-base-1.10.4/lib/ (0x00007fc356b6f000)

2 - The tests you indicated are fine. Translations, local libray, f10 etc.


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