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Yes Exactly
Mp3 have Lyrics attribute in their Metadata/ID3 Tag.

So just a simple Button in the Lyrics Screen that stores the searched lyrics in the mp3\'s metadata tag would really be awesome.

This opens up possiblities to show the lyrics from metadata if lyrics present there saving a server call to lyrics site, or if system is offline.

Thanks for your Awesome work man

[Edited on 31-5-2017 by patel21]
What do you say Lucio, can you add it in your next update. No Hurry Man.

You are doing awesome work man. Keep it up.

Thanks in advance

[Edited on 2-6-2017 by patel21]
Hi! Sorry, for the delayed answer but I just returned from a longer trip.

Yes, that\'s possible. Not all filetypes may support lyrics but for MP3 that\'s no big deal
Thats great to hear. Yes specifically for Mp3, so that the lyrics can be displayed from the lyrics tag the next time, making it much faster, then to again search for that lyrics in all the websites.

Add it whenever you get time bro.

Thanks a lot.
I just wanted to say, the feature is implemented for mp3, mp4,ogg and flac tracks. The next version will come out soon

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