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[DONE] Sayonara 0.9.3 will not keep settings.
Using Sayonara 0.9.3 with Ubuntu 16.04.
Everytime I close Sayonara all of my set preferences are lost. Being so I have to reset them everytime I open Sayonara.
It\'s as though the apply button doesn\'t work.
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Settings should apply immediatly when you hit the apply button. But they are written to database when the application is closed peoperly. Can you start the player via coomand line, change some properties and close the application via file->close. Does the application exit normally without segmentation fault and are your settings still lost?
Does this happen with all setings?
When I opened Sayonara via command line all settings were as I set them. First time this happened.
Closed Sayonara. Now when I launch Sayonara via it\'s launcher all settings are kept.
I now shrug my shoulders and go on and thank you for your time. Wink

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