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Proxy Support?
Sayonara Player doesn\'t seems to work behind a proxy.

Or isn\'t it?
Hi! What exactly is not working behind a proxy? Sayonara does not need internet at all.Most features were implemented in trains.Big Grin Except for Radio streams. Those streams are established by classic tcp requests. Go to View->Logger. Please send me the log output after something is not working.trains.Big Grin

Yes, I mean the Radio streams.

I send you tomorrow the log file from work pc.
And can you send me the stream url and if it\'s a public proxy, the proxy url? Some streams don\'t work out of the box.. Maybe I just missed a few things in the implementation or the parser does not work correctly
I try to use sayonara behind a proxy in a company network.

It\'s an anonymous proxy with no identification.

You find the stream and proxy information in the log-file.
Only http and https over the typical ports is allowed.

Debug: 11Application:Init player: 528ms
DBus: org.freedesktop.Notifications registered
Debug: 11Application:Init plugins: 529ms
Listening on port 54054
Debug: 11Application:Plugins finsihed: 530ms
Debug: 20LibraryPluginHandler:Add plugin Lokale Bibliothek
Debug: 20LibraryPluginHandler:Add plugin Verzeichnisse
Found library plugin SomaFM
Found library plugin Soundcloud
Found 4 library types
Debug: 11Application:Libraries loaded: 580ms
Debug: 11Application:Preference dialogs loaded: 581ms
Debug: 19PlayerPluginHandler:Search for plugin Webstreams
Debug: 11Application:Time to start: 710ms
Debug: 14AsyncWebAccess:Call
Dev: 14AsyncWebAccess:Data available
Dev: 14AsyncWebAccess: finished: 0
Debug: 14AsyncWebAccess:Redirect from to
Debug: 14AsyncWebAccess:Call
Dev: 14AsyncWebAccess:Data available
Dev: 14AsyncWebAccess: finished: 0
Dev: 14AsyncWebAccess:Got 2487 bytes
Warning: 12StreamParser:Got data. Try to parse content
Debug: 12StreamParser:<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN\"
<html xmlns=\"\">

Here comes the source-html-code off our \"you use wrong proxy settings\" page


Deleted 2 of 2 tracks
Debug: 12StreamParser:Found 0 playlists and 0 streams
Debug: 12StreamParser:No more urls to parse
Debug: 21AbstractStreamHandler:Stream parser finished with error
Warning: 18GUI_AbstractStream:Stream Handler error
Ok, it looks that you call the stream and afterwards you are redirected to that proxy page... Maybe i have to evaluate the http(s)_proxy envitonment variables. Hopefully, they are set...
The http(s)_proxy environment variables are manually set, but since Kubuntu 16.10 (I use 17.04) there are some issues with an proxy environment. E.g. detect proxy automatic don\'t work correctly in the moment.
I saw a few discussion boards where people have similar issues with proxy servers and Qt. I had set up a system wide proxy and everything worked correctly when running Sayonara with the http(s)_proxy variables set. But of course, your company has a firewall at that proxy and of course I have no such proxy in the www.

The proxy of your company takes your request and inspects it. I can offer you a manual proxy configuration in the next version but I cannot promise for sure that this is working correctly. Have you tried other applications? What about firefox and curl? Does the stream work there?
kradio4 is working, but it is kde-framework 4 based.

curl was not working, but then i have found an tutorial for Ubuntu:

I have only set the proxy settings for terminal in /etc/environment, but for newer Kubuntu versions, the proxy must set in /etc/profile.

After that curl is working, but sayonara have the same log output and cannot find the stream.
But I have test it only via ssh with X11 forwarding from home.

Tomorrow I test it directly.


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