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I'm afraid i think this topic should be under the issues category. There's a big problem, specifically with mp3 tagging and discnumber tag. I have a mixture of m4a and mp3, both tagged using MusicBrainz Picard. m4a discnumber tag is shown correctly when using Sayonara tag editor, but isn't when viewing an mp3 file. Likewise, when editing an mp3 discnumber tag using Sayonara (to get it to display correctly) the tag field is empty when viewed using either puddletag or easytag...
Sorry, I missed your post. Until now I could not reproduce this bug, but recently, I experienced strange behaviour eith discnumbers, too. Tags are there in the soundfiles, but Sayonara and Puddletag cannot read them. After applying the tags with Sayonara's Tag Editor, everything is fine again. This seems as tags were written in a wrong format once. I haven't changed anything except updating my distribution. I have to go through the taglib changelog, maybe the problem is there.

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