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Strange behavior of online radio streams in playlists
When a stream/webstream of an online radio is added to a playlist (by opening files like .pls, .m3u, etc... or adding it using Ctrl+f4) its name in the playlist starts as the stream url, and it is OK.
But when you start to play, the stream name is changed, in the playlist, to the current song that is playing in the web radio. It is not really a problem, but the most common behavior found in other players is the stream, in the playlist, be named with the radio's name.
The real problem is that when the song is changed in the web radio the new song is added to the playlist, and the already played songs can't be removed from the playlist, working  like a history of the musics played by the radio. I'm not sure if it is a bug or a feature, but it is strange and a little bit annoying.

Another problem is that when you add a stream to a playlist and try to save it, the playlist can't be saved if more than one music was played.

Best regards.

EDIT: I'm running Sayonara Player 0.9.3-git2-20170509 under Slackware 14.2 (x86).
Hi! The intention behind this feature is that when listening to a webstream, you'll keep the history of the tracks. On the right side of the disabled tracks you see the time of the day when this song was played. It often happens that you listen to some radio and there are a lot of cool songs you don't know. So you can view the history and look for them in the internet afterwards.

I can create an option to disable that feature if it's too annoying.

I have the feeling, that there are already too many features in the player so people become confused... Wink

I will also have a look that playlists for webstreams can be saved in future. But I have to ask you for a bit patience. I have absolutely no time at the moment and I guess it won't change within the next weeks.... Sorry Sad
Hello Lucio!
Yes, to have a history of the tracks played by the webstream is a cool feature  Smile  . But I think that the playlist is not the best place to keep it. Then I would like to suggest you to add something like a sub-window for the tracks history.
I believe this can be as elaborate/complex as you want. For example, Sayonara Player could detect a webstream and create a separated and permanent history for each one, so people will be able to access it any time they want (currently, the history is empty when the player is closed). And the disabled tracks could be accessible to search information about album, lyrics, website of the band, etc...
Since I'm not a software developer, I don't know how difficult is to implement it Tongue

BTW, I like to play webstreams in Sayonara Player because its memory consumption doesn't increase with time, like occurs with Amarok (my favorite player before Sayonara Big Grin ).

Keep up the good work and best regards.

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