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[abrt] sayonara: sayonara killed by SIGABRT
Description of problem:
Sayonara player crashes upon quitting

Version-Release number of selected component:

Additional info:
reporter:       libreport-2.9.1
backtrace_rating: 4
cmdline:        sayonara
executable:     /usr/bin/sayonara
journald_cursor: s=4fee525baa21420c994d072bcfcaa801;i=6e06e;b=733e4dcc2e484ef7b9de7fb1424e8ab1;m=1dced1a6c;t=55e1d5ce42f20;x=b3618450afaa965b
kernel:         4.13.12-200.fc26.x86_64
rootdir:        /
runlevel:       N 5
type:           CCpp
uid:            1000

Hi Martin!

This is a bug in the filesystemwatcher thread used for rescanning the library in the background. If you deactivate the Library->auto update function, this error probably should not appear anymore. I was never a fan of this feature and therefore it's not available in the next version anymore. Because of the new version I won't fix bugs that won't have impact in the future anymore. I hope you understand that.

The next version is actually ready for launch but I haven't got response from all testers.
In the repository there's a new branch "sayonara-1.0". This is the current state. There's actually no line which hasn't changed since 0.9.3. So I want to be sure that there are no critical errors anymore. I hope I can release it within the next days. I haven't tested the build process yet, so I don't know if the packaging process works for Fedora atm.

Thanks for your patience
Hi Michael,

thanks for the feedback, will forward this information to the user.

Regarding the new 1.0 branch, i will test it on fedora and will give you feedback.

Please Can you give me a hint, how to checkout the 1.0 branch ?
git clone
git checkout sayonara-1.0
(11-28-2017, 09:43 PM)Lucio Carreras Wrote:
git clone
git checkout sayonara-1.0

the build process works atm on Fedora27 (tested).
Great to hear Smile

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