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[Done] CTRL-Q and CTRL-W
First of all thanks for this great player. For a while I'm looking for an alternative to Amarok which was my favourite player until now. Unfortunately development seems to have been discontinued. But fortunately there is Sayonara. Discovered it yesterday only, installed version 0.93 and immediately moved on to 1.0., to find our that the program can't be closed any more by pressing CTRL-Q. Would be great to get it back or make it customizable in Preferences/Shortcuts. BTW, in the menu minimizing to tray is missing in version 1.0. Don't know if it ever was there, but close often is used in this sense in other applications.

Furthermore I would like to assign CTRL-W to minimizing Sayonara to the task bar. I know it is assigned to closing tabs, but many other programs use it the way I would like to use it.

Wish you all the best for 2018
One more remark on this subject. I propose to rename "Close" in the File menu to "Quit". That's how it is called in other programs (Quit = CTRL-Q). And I'm not sure if it was not there in 0.93, but I would offer "Close" as well and associate it with CTRL-W, as in other programs usual.
I created those two new configurable shortcuts and pushed the sources to the git server.

For further informations about the release please read my announcement:
Thanks a lot, it works perfectly for me now. And I hope you don't mind when I come up with more proposals the next days. I've already one or two in my mind.
Take you time....

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