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Sayonara 1.0 updates
Hi altogether,

thanks for your positive feedback and constructive proposals. I worked on your ideas and they are ready to be built. But unfortunately, Ubuntu's PPA build farm is down at the moment because of Spectre and Meltdown. Even they don't know when they can enable it again.

Until then, users have to wait a little bit or they have to compile it themselves according to this tutorial.

Following fixes are already applied:
  • Select Pulseaudio or Alsa
  • Turkish language support
  • Language update (czech, french)
  • Shortcuts for closing and minimizing the player
  • Empty library menu bug in Unity is fixed
  • Quit instead of close
Someone has written a Wikipedia article in Czech Wikipedia! (Yeah, the first one). I'd be very happy if I find an article in YOUR language one day, too Smile

Wish you the best!
Landed into my 16.04 Ubuntu yesterday through ppa ;-)

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