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[SOLVED] Problem to install player on Fedora

I have some problem to install Sayonara Player on the Fedora 19 Linux from 64-bit rpm package. When i trying to install package with fedora software manager, i got following error message \"Failed to install file, two packages provide the some file. This is usually due to mixing packages from different software sources.\" How i can fix this problem?


[Edited on 19-8-2013 by Lucio Carreras]
Atm RPM packages are created with cmake and cpack and this is the cause for the /usr/share, /usr/bin... directories are expected to be created. Normally they are already available on every system so the consequence is a conflict.

You can avoid this by installing from terminal with

rpm -i --force sayonara-0.4.0-r695.{ARCH}.rpm
Thanks, this solution worked.

Very nice music player. By the way, why volume control of music player does not synchronize with volume control of KDE desktop. In other words,If you change the volume of the music player, then the value of the KDE panel does not change?
I really have few time at the moment but I will have a look. Nice to hear that the line with rpm worked

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