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What i have looking for
Hey man thanks for this awesome player, i had been looking around for something to replace amarok (400 mb just being open is obscene) i like the simplicity in this player.

There are some stuff that i would like to have like
adding all the tracks with a simple click in the library (maybe i\'m doing something wrong)
global shortcuts
a small window to jump to file
Lyrics Plugin (not really necessary but it would be a great plus)

see how users complain so much for something free? XD anyway i post some screenshots maybe you could use them somewhere

(not related but)
Hey! Thank you Smile

Library: You can specify an library path and library is reloaded. If you wanna add new tracks, you can do this with File -> Import Tracks. If you fetch Sayonara from SVN you can drag and drop a folder to your library.

Lyrics are available. Right click on the song -> Information. There you will find a lyrics tabs, too

The other feature requests are already known, I am working on it.

I am happy that you like the player Smile I have also no idea, why people are complaining about the resources needed by Sayonara. Of course, it cannot compete with mplayer over command line or VLC, but I think the use cases of these programs are quite different ones. I like it and I share it with the intention, that other people also do...
mmm no, what i mean is, when i click a track on the library it just adds that track, which is ok, but there is no way to add all your library to the playlist without selecting it all, i would like a add all tracks, all artist or all albums.

also yeah lyrics!

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