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[TODO] more audiobook support!
I really really like the new player! first player after long time after fkn banshee support a little audiobook function and i really really want more!

1. is it possible to auto bookmark the file so i just can close my netbook before i go to sleep and next day just click on the file and forward it with on click

2. is it possible not to read out the meta data and just show the folders?

3. and maybe theres a possibility for a sleep function, with shutdown after couple of minutes..

would be AMAZING! Theres in whole big Internet not one dedicated linux audiobook player and it would be just amazing your tool could be the first one..

thanks for support!!

kind regards blackdesert

[Edited on 17-2-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Hi, thanks for your ideas. What do you mean with \"auto\"-bookmarks? There\'s already the feature of normal bookmarks and the feature that the player will go on at the position in track where you closed it. The shutdown feature is a very good idea. I need this feature, too. It\'s on the roadmap. Folders, hmm.... long desired feature but I just hadn\'t had the time to implement it. Some day for sure Wink
Hey Lucio!

thanks for the reply!

I try to make you understand my wish. I explored the feature in banshee. theres a possibility to start the audiobook, set an shutdowner to go to sleep and after the tool was closed i just had to click one button to resume the audiobook on the position it was stopped and bookmarkled automatically without to set an bookmark manually..

hope it was clear Smile

Kinds regards
just thought about not just to auto resume on the audio file (becouse you always have to search in your playlist for the file to find your bookmark). would be nice to link the bookmark directly to the whole playlist, or in the future to the folder where it was played from..

so i check the playlist/folder and get directly my bookmarks..

just cant wait for it :love: Confusedmilegrin:
Sorry, I totally oversaw this post. I like your ideas and I will think about a cool solution

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