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I like this player but I had at windows with mediamonkey all my music rated. There is a rating from 0 to 5 stars in half steps. When I decided to switch to Kubuntu I save this at the Composer Tag which is usually supported by a lot of players. But at sayonara I even cant find this.
Thanks for your help

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Hi hoha,
there\'s a possibility to rate your music. Just do a right click on the header view in albums or track view and you can turn on the rating column. I am sure that you wanna import your ratings from media monkey. Can you tell me if that program saved your ratings within the id3 tag? If you are not sure, just send me one example music piece rated by you and I\'ll have a look at it.

I know how much work that was and I\'ll try my best that you can import that again Smile

Hi an thank you for your imediately answer. I saved the rating under the composer-tag.
I\'ve already found the rating column but I\'d like to import or to use the compser-tag.
clementine is able to do it....
Perfect. That\'s the easier way. I was planning a minor update for this week and I will add your feature. If there are unexpected problems, i will let you know. Wink

Another question: Which distribution do you use and how did you take notice of Sayonara?
Can you send me two or three rated mp3 headers and tell me the rating of them? Because the Composer tag is originally intended for a different type of information.

dd if=/path/to/mp3 bs=2048 count=1 of=/path/to/outfile
just because I know this, I simply wrote 1 star or 3,5 stars and so on. If I can sort the files by composer I could mark them with your rating system.
Sorry, I\'m not able to send you the headers - I\'m too dumb....
Ey man, no problem. Now everything is clear. The only thing I can offer is, that the rating is read out of the POPM (popularitymeter) tag, where rating is usually stored. And I can imagine that media monkey stored your rating there, too.

To add a custom column in the library view for additional attributes is not intended, (yet).
ok, hope it works ....
thank you
Hi hoha,

There\'s a new version available. So I hope the player should import your ratings if they are saved in the correct tag.
Hi! Have you tried it out already?

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