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[SOLVED] Relaunch problem
Sayonara process does not respond after several times it was launched and then stopped.

Steps to reproduce:

- Launch Sayonara. Tray icon appeared. Check preferences: both \'Close to tray\' and \'Only one instance\' should be checked.

- Click on \'Close\' menu item under tray icon to shutdown the first instance of Sayonara.

- Launch Sayonara again.

- click on \'Close\' menu item.

Repeat several times. I launched Sayonara from the same terminal window. Every time wait for command prompt before I launch Sayonara the next time on my system. I can reproduce the problem within 10 tries. At the time the problem is reproduced, Sayonara does not write any output to a terminal window. Tray icon does not appear. Another instances could not be launched because one is already working. \'ps ax | grep sayo\' writes:

12367 pts/4    Sl+    0:00 sayonara
14772 pts/2    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto sayo

I have to kill the process to start Sayonara again.

[Edited on 13-7-2013 by Kallisto]
I assume this issue is due to a thread that checks if there were any settings specific changes. This thread does not quit sometimes and therefore the app is in an undefined state.

But there is already a fixed version available on SVN that terminates this thread for sure

Sorry, I\'m not familiar with SVN, C++, Qt and other scary words. If you want me to test and confirm the issue is fixed, please, give me a link to deb file (sure, deb generation is automated on your side). I will test the new version ASAP then.

If you don\'t need confirmation, don\'t mind. I think not so many people will relaunch the player several times in a row.
Fixed in sayonara-0.4.0-r695-x86_64.deb
Got this problem 3 times with 0.4.0. It is harder to reproduce the issue with the new version. But sometimes someone will face it.

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