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[SOLVED] Music info not showing in new sound applet Mint 17.3
Just discover this very nice player. Run superbly on the new Mint 17.3. The only small problem is that the track info does not show under the new sound applet of the volume control. It is aware off the player but cannot get the track info. Is it Mint or Sayonara ?


[Edited on 17-2-2016 by Lucio Carreras]

Thanks you for using Sayonara. What environment do you use? Mate or Cinnamon? There are some issues in Sayonara\'s MPRIS module, so the sound plugin of some Linux distributions do not recognize the player. But this should be fixed with Sayonara 0.8. I am currently installing Mint 17.3 to reproduce the issue.

Greetings, Lucio
I am using Mint Cinnamon 17.3. The applet recognize the player and the control seems to work also.

Yes, I see... No cover, and no info. I\'ll have a look at this.
Done. Will be available in version 0.8
[rquote=313&tid=157&author=Lucio Carreras]Done. Will be available in version 0.8[/rquote]

Great thanks ! Any ETA on .8 ? There is a lot of eyes on your player now that it appeared in Noobslab and I post in MInt forum.
If no critical bugs appear, i hope for this weekend. Thank you Smile I hope that the player will become more famous in the future.
Everything ok now?
Almost there Lucio. The information is displayed properly in that applet. Great. However the embedded controls in that sound applet do not work correctly. The \"pause\" work but if I do a stop, I cannot restart the song. It is also impossible to restart it pressing the play in Sayanora. The next and previous song button don\'t seem to work either. The others players work correctly.

Still linux mint 17.3 with cinnamon? I wonder, because everything works fine for me on this combination on 3 different devices. But i take a look at it and try to reproduce it somehow

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