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[SOLVED] Re-scan Libray and Start playing when a album is selected

I don\'t have idea how I can re-scan Library when I add new albums to Music Folder. Perhaps you can put a re-scan option in preferences

I\'m happy if when I do a double-click in a album or artist, the playlist starts to play.

[Edited on 18-12-2015 by Lucio Carreras]
You are not the first one asking me to do so Smile I will let you know, when it\'s finished.

Greetings, Lucio
You can drag and drop an entire directory from your desktop/file-manager into the library view. Then you can select a directory where to save. So you don\'t have to reload it again. Reloading needs a lot of time.

There\'s also a button you can use for library actions like importing or reloading. See attachment

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Thank you. This button is very useful

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